Health Literacy of Migrants and Refugees

Welcome to the IHLA interest group on Migrant Health Literacy.

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We are a network of interested and motivated people who want to move the topic health literacy among migrants, refugees, asylum seekers etc. forward. We are interested in both – basic research and applied research and are curious to learn from and with one another and to collaborate. Are you interested in the topic of migrant health literacy?

On this website you will find many insights into completed research projects and open research questions, practice projects and important questions for practice, and many links for networking. Welcome


What is known about migrant health literacy? Here you find research on Health Literacy of Refugees and Migrants. surprising insights of selected results and open research questions.

Maybe you want to share your own research as well or start research on migrant HL?


How can HL of migrants and refugees be promoted? Here you find information on various projects that promote the health literacy of migrants and refugees. Did you know that second language courses are great venues for this or that family plays an important role in this?

Check it out and be inspired and share your project.


Would you like to be part of the interest group on migrant health literacy? Or would you like to connect with other organisations working on migrant health? Here you can find more information.

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